Cold-pressed organic hemp protein stands out as an exceptional source of protein, not only for its nutritional value but also for its sustainability.

What is cold-pressed organic hemp protein?

Nutritional Value

Hemp protein a complete protein profile, providing all essential amino acids that the human body requires. Moreover, cold pressing the hemp seeds to extract the protein preserves its natural goodness and avoids the use of harsh chemicals or high heat that can degrade its nutritional content. As a result, our protein contains 12 vitamins and minerals at significant levels. We challenge you to find a plant protein with a better naturally occurring nutritional profile. 


Our hemp protein powder is 80% protein, the highest concentration available. This can only be achieved through careful and gentle extraction. As a result, a lot of the plant material that causes a grassy taste is removed. This leads to a mild taste with a smooth texture and less chance of causing bloating. 

Sustainable Agriculture

What makes hemp truly remarkable is its eco-friendly cultivation and production process. Hemp is known for its resilience and rapid growth, requiring minimal water and pesticides. It's a sustainable plant that enriches the soil, making it an environmentally responsible choice.