Our Mission 

We exist to help you achieve your goals. Nothing is more important than getting your diet, sleep, and exercise right; it is the foundation on which everything else is built. These three pillars are interconnected. Therefore, doing one thing well will help you improve in other areas. We want to provide tools and knowledge to aid in reaching your fullest potential. 

What We Are Not

We are not a preachy company telling you how to live your lives or what to believe in. While we care deeply about the environment, and despite hemp being an exceptionally sustainable way to produce protein, we will not claim that buying our products will save the planet. We aim to provide great products that are ethically made. 

Our Origin

Harry Burman, the founder of Cantein, started the company after many failed attempts to find a protein powder that is amnio acid complete and does not cause bloating, much like whey and pea. After a long search, he discovered the benefits of hemp protein. By sourcing the highest quality organic hemp protein, we believe we have created the best-tasting protein powder on the planet that contains all essential amino acids and doesn’t cause bloating.